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Jacquard’s Punched Card: How a hand loom led to the birth of the information age

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Travelling back to pre-revolutionary Lyons, France it would be a customary sight to see the city dominated by weaving studios- large rooms full of even larger looms operated by expert master weavers not much different from the sight opera conductor. For since roman times Lyons was famous for its fine quality of silk weaves – intricate and complicated patterns beautifully represented in fine knit silk. In the late seventeen hundreds Lyons suffered from a peculiar conundrum – It had more orders than its weavers could possibly deliver. A radical new invention was needed to cope with this demand. It was here that Jacquard came up with his design for a programmable loom thus bringing a paradigm shift in the way humans thought of as machines. Just as William Shakespeare might never have become a great poet and playwright without the wonderful simulation and energy of Renaissance London all around him, Jacquard would most likely never have blossomed as an inventor had he not lived in Lyons, the silk-weaving capital of the world.

The standard silk weaving loom of the day called the drawloom was a pitiable machine or rather not a machine at all. It only facilitated the manual weaving of patterns or images in fabric thus requiring expert weavers. At the maximum rate of two woven rows a minute, a mere inch of brocade fabric still required a full working day to complete, each warp thread requiring manual lifting and placement.  What was required was a method of ordering, with complete precision, the lifting of warp threads that formed the shed in a better way than having a draw-boy doing the whole thing by hand. Programming Cards was the answer.

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Two Awesome Sites

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After everything as good as xkcd, abstrusegoose, questionablecontent, dilbert etc.(if you haven’t gone to any of them please do go.) I have come across two news websites which should be told about.These are

1. Incidental comics

2. Dear Blank Please Blank

I am not saying these are as good as the above mentioned epic ones but they are pretty good.



Seriously this is all I could come up for a post. Looks like I am out of ideas.

College started and the all I could do in the very first week was to be unable to fully decide what courses I am going to take in the sem.

@anurag : thnx for telling me about the second site.


A Quote

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In Life it is not your abilities that decide who you are, it is your choices.

— Albus Dumbledore



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Outsider. That is perhaps the only book on my mind right now.There are moments when one is absorbed, overtaken and yet at bay with life . What does one mean by all these ups and downs, constant struggles and never ending bullshit. At moments one cant help succubing to the absurd. Right now is such a moment for me. It took a pack of smokes and some liqour but I am there all right.

Sitting in a room, empty but surrounded by my thoughts. What am i thinking ? To be true i dont know myself. Am i intelligent, do i have a brain or is my whole life a desperate marketing stunt, with a hope that at the end of the tunnel there is some light that would somehow render all this real. I dont think i have been influenced ever by anymore than Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Leaving the drugs aside; beatdom was more much more than just people getting high on LSD, it represnted the never ending human struggle, a struggle to find a place in this bizzarre universe. I no i am not making sense, not incoherent but not far from it too.  One should make too much sense, one must fail in courses. A man who has never seen lows and always happy is the unhappiest man on this earth. I have such a friend.

Dylan is a genius. So was Albert Einstein. I am not.

Thats it.there is truth. Whole life we go on emulating people “influeced” by them all the while pretending that u are like them too. dont think so. it aint right.

The Answer is Blowin in the Wind.

If Camus were to wake up right now and tell me that Sisphyus pulling stones up an incline holds some meaning for him then i would slap him in the face. The bastard who is he kidding. As i said beatdom aint really a bad thing.

What do u think this blog is ? A pathetic effort by a couple of wannabees , out to con a world full of idiots into delude them into thinking of themselves as some break through geniuses. Sanskar calls me a hypocrite. Perhaps I am . Perhaps this post too has some degree of hypocricity in it. (is that how you spell it ? wtvr doesnt matter much). One must sometimes come across the truth , the hard truth no less just to break away from the maze. Stephen Deadulus comes too mind. Often I have criticized him as a hypocrite. I dont anymore. I relate to him now. I understand him completely, his efforts to break way this mould, to create for himself an identity. I know him. I am him.

Forget genius. There is more to life than that. There is something called courage. Albert Einstein was a genius, so was Newton. They were also the most courageous people on the planet. Stephen Hawking is a mdeical miracle. No he aint. He is a human miracle, defying death everyday. Something must be worth living, something must have some purpose. Purpose is a funny thing. Dostoevsky wanted to die, Gogol almost destroyed Dead Souls. There is a reason Russians make the best writers in the world, they write with their soul. Reading The Brothers Karamazov is like looking into a soul, no , a naked soul. Hmm. thats it. yes . finally i do have answered whats so great about Russian Books.

All my life has just been a journey of emulation, a stand to achieve success in the face of the world. Moving from one form of studapa to another, its all nonsense. irrelevant. The one thing i hate about iit is that it makes a person forget himself, his natural inclinations and align his volitions and streamline them with the acceptance by the stud janta of iit. Almost everyone in iit thinks that the other bunch of people are chutiye. well wtvr. once again I am blaiming iit for what are not its faults. It is the easier way out.

Ignorance is bliss. I thought people undertook intoxication to forget the toubles and vicissitudes of this world. Its the other way round for me. My mind is clear now. I see my nothing more than a bunch of insencere disconnected episodes. Insencere . yes thats whats my life has been. I know that most of you have long stopped reading my incoherent mutterings. but for once i am not writing to be read. For once I am writing bcoz i want to. Its funny. in my intro to this blog i said that i this blog is an attempt to reach out to more similarly minded people. hahahahah. its too funny. choking with laughter.

Cant get the image of Johhny Depp typing away truths at his typewriter. its haunting and alluring at the same time. Sanskar is right. This  movie has stirred something deep in my soul.

perhaps some people respect me a lot. The problem is i dont. Physics gaya maan chudaane.






Not in a mental state to think of a title

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A post during exam time. Good(for me)

Some would say that “saale *#&^ maggu ne sab mag rakha hai isliye maze se timepass kar raha hai.” I know there would be many who would think so and a tiny(I am stressing here) fraction who would differ slightly.

So let me try to explain…let it be what do I care.

Now moving on to the content of this post. I am really getting bored ever since the exams started. SO to do something I started watching Rome, a old miniseries that used to come on HBO. But to my surprise it turned out to be not that bad(though I am not saying it is very good). It will do for me since I am at a point now anything will work for me. My exams are in a clusters, two of them happened very quickly near the start , and the remaining will happen near the end. So it presented me with a dilemma of many sorts by giving me two free days in between exams. This dilemma was solved by me reading the book thief, though I have not completed it I am very sorry I started it. I really should not read a book in midst major in which the narrator is death itself. An awesome book by the way from what part I have read.

Another thing I managed to do was give titles and artist attributes to the whole 500 top rock collection. (You can see how much time I had).

Just to cheer you all up and bring you all out of boredom and bringing an abrupt end to this post I go on to my other interest.




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This post will be concentrating on the beat generation. This post is a result of sum of events which happened over the past 2 days, my staying in hostel and again seeing the awesome part of fear and loathing in Vegas, me starting to search more about Kerouac, and other things which you may or may not know.

First thing is that I found an awesome site which goes by the name of The site has all kinds of things, ranging from essays, stories, poems and issues along with very good reviews of the books from the beat generation. Over it, the site also has special sections for Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs. More authors such as Bukowski, Hunter S Thompson are also there. Do go visit this site to see what an awesome site this is.

Another thing is that Hunter S Thompson of whom I have become a great fan of, wrote a letter in which he mentioned his list of top ten albums of 1960’s. The list says

1)     Herbie Mann’s 1969 Memphis Underground

2)     Bob Dylan’s 1965 Bringing It All Back Home (especially noted as “Mr. Tambourine Man” in his letter)

3)     Dylan’s 1965 Highway 61 Revisited

4)     The Grateful Dead’s 1970 Workingman’s Dead

5)     The Rolling Stones’ 1969 Let it Bleed

6)     Buffalo Springfield’s 1967 Buffalo Springfield

7)     Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 Surrealistic Pillow

8)     Roland Kirk’s “various albums”

9)     Miles Davis’s 1959 Sketches of Spain

10)  Sandy Bull’s 1965 Inventions

Another thing I wanted to mention in this post is that on Nov 9, was Carl Sagan day on his birth date and over it on the eleventh of this month was Vonnegut’s birthday.(Just wanted to mention it)



I think the photo explains the reason behind this post.

@Sanskar : whatever we haven’t listened in this we should try to get hold of them.

@Sukrit : Hunter S Thompson once said, “I’ve been arguing for years now that music is the New Literature, that Dylan is the 1960s’ answer to Hemingway.”

How does this theme look like.


Moor’s Last Sigh

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Now seemed like a good time to write a post, this being the time when I see the sweet time lingering ahead after the end of this semester but before it lies the time of majors. What is a major issue with me is that this time around the majors are going to be a week long, while the ones I like are the quick 4 day affairs. I would go ahead and waste your time to specially tell that everybody likes the bandages to be ripped in a go not in an excruciatingly slow way.(go on , you can say I am weird for wishing so).

So getting away from my amazing timing to write a post, I will like to talk about some absolutely random things.(All of these relate to my interest most of you have at least one thing in common and for some of you who are my friend there maybe more than one thing. So moving on

First music, I recently heard an album Early Morning from a totally obscure band called Mushroom. Plus one song which has really hit me is “Walk on the wild side” by Lou Reed. And the photo should also explain something about my music interest these days.

Secondly movies. Recently I saw the social network and it is a very good movie. All this while I have become an admirer of Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach and can’t wait to see any movie they makes in future wither individually or together. If anyone has any of their movies or want any movie which I may have please contact me.Plus I am waiting for some awesome movies to release which include Due Date, True Grit and Harry Potter movie.

And the last comes books(there are many more to but none will be discussed publicly)I have over the last few weeks ever since I have stopped writing have read extensively going form Outsider by Albert Camus, books by Garcia Marquez, Ayn Rand, Orhan Pamuk and some others which I currently am unable to remember.



Sorry for a really boring post but what can I say sometimes it just feels good to tell someone what you are doing these days even if it is a computer.

And happy Diwali to anyone whom I did not say to(though wondering now I did not say it to a whole lot of people)

Read if you want to this article about Obama’s visit to India published on the Tehelka website.

@sanskar: Isn’t this a great photo of Grace Slick. I was telling you about it if you remember.

@sukrit: thanks for helping out with the title by the way.

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