This is Vikrant Unplugged


I would begin by defining Attachee (IIT lingo) – ’someone who is not allotted a hostel room, but just associated with a hostel so that he/she can loiter around it and trouble the other hostel inmates’ (mess food does make one feel like an inmate) . And hence Vikas was christened Attachee.  At the very outset, I would from the bottom of my heart like to thank my buddies Attachee (now you know who) and Sukrit to get this venture afoot. Although we caught this ever snowballing trend of blogging in our summer hols, but owing to some prior commitments the proceedings got delayed (a futile excuse though). Thanks to Attachee’s perpetual nagging to get going (especially his in-lecture discourses & G-Talk reminders) , we finally tee-off (yeah..I have a liking for golf).  While Sukrit in his introduction seems to take the credit for coinage of ‘Arbiitians Unplugged’, it was actually my brainchild (@ Sukrit – my apologies for the disclosure). Blogging for me would be a refreshing getaway from the repetitious IIT life (although hostel life is sheer fun at times). As to my future contributions to the blog … hmmmm … can’t think of any particular subject … lots of horizons to be explored.

Will be right back.


P.S – @Vikas-no offence


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