I am Vikas

This is your intrepid blogger Vikas getting underway with blogging at Arbiit.

I am a undergraduate engineering student living in Delhi with a myri000_0018ad of ideas waiting to be expressed. With me will be my two friends Vikrant about whom you may read about and you know Sukrit from the previous post. This is my expectation of blog and what I wish to do with it.

Word of Warning! Blogging is one of the new things I can get my hands on.  This blog is a conduit for my zany rumination. I look forward to blogging as a means of organizing my thought process to certain degree and thus allowing me better insights about things that are directly or indirectly related to my future posts on this blog. Sometimes what I post may be a help to readers. That is a added benefit. It is a good feeling to know you were of help to somebody.

To sum up blogging will be primarily to help myself and yeah you can rant about me being a egocentric after reading some of my posts. There will be scores of interesting topics mushrooming in this blog and I am sure you will be tag along us on this exploratory journey of blogging.

Please don’t call me attachee here also guys.


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