Here It Goes !


So here it goes…. The first entry of the blog.

I guess i must first explain the strange sounding name that we have given to the blog .Some people in iit might make sense out of it , but i better explain. Arbiitians is actually made up of two words : Arbit and iitians . Arbit signifies the content you will find in the blog that is arbitrary and iitians obviously means iitians(not the book mugging five point someone type though !).

This is blog started by 3 of us : Sukrit (that is me) and 2 other fellow conspirators namely Vikrant and Vikas (Attachee henceforth). Its sort of our attempt to reach out to more people like us having similar interests ( i dearly hope such people exist).

We will Unplug here (literally). Arbit doesnt mean meaningless , it rather refers to our diverse interest and the range of topics you would hope to find here . My interests ? Well i am a firm believer in open and free education for everybody so you will find some educational content (specially Physics- yes I am not joking). There will be lots of other stuff and tit bits from our life as we and try and make our way through the maze known as IIT. The other 2 will be putting their first entries into the blog soon.

See you soon !



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