Not in a mental state to think of a title

In Uncategorized on November 21, 2010 by Vikas

A post during exam time. Good(for me)

Some would say that “saale *#&^ maggu ne sab mag rakha hai isliye maze se timepass kar raha hai.” I know there would be many who would think so and a tiny(I am stressing here) fraction who would differ slightly.

So let me try to explain…let it be what do I care.

Now moving on to the content of this post. I am really getting bored ever since the exams started. SO to do something I started watching Rome, a old miniseries that used to come on HBO. But to my surprise it turned out to be not that bad(though I am not saying it is very good). It will do for me since I am at a point now anything will work for me. My exams are in a clusters, two of them happened very quickly near the start , and the remaining will happen near the end. So it presented me with a dilemma of many sorts by giving me two free days in between exams. This dilemma was solved by me reading the book thief, though I have not completed it I am very sorry I started it. I really should not read a book in midst major in which the narrator is death itself. An awesome book by the way from what part I have read.

Another thing I managed to do was give titles and artist attributes to the whole 500 top rock collection. (You can see how much time I had).

Just to cheer you all up and bring you all out of boredom and bringing an abrupt end to this post I go on to my other interest.



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