Moor’s Last Sigh

In Uncategorized on November 8, 2010 by Vikas

Now seemed like a good time to write a post, this being the time when I see the sweet time lingering ahead after the end of this semester but before it lies the time of majors. What is a major issue with me is that this time around the majors are going to be a week long, while the ones I like are the quick 4 day affairs. I would go ahead and waste your time to specially tell that everybody likes the bandages to be ripped in a go not in an excruciatingly slow way.(go on , you can say I am weird for wishing so).

So getting away from my amazing timing to write a post, I will like to talk about some absolutely random things.(All of these relate to my interest most of you have at least one thing in common and for some of you who are my friend there maybe more than one thing. So moving on

First music, I recently heard an album Early Morning from a totally obscure band called Mushroom. Plus one song which has really hit me is “Walk on the wild side” by Lou Reed. And the photo should also explain something about my music interest these days.

Secondly movies. Recently I saw the social network and it is a very good movie. All this while I have become an admirer of Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach and can’t wait to see any movie they makes in future wither individually or together. If anyone has any of their movies or want any movie which I may have please contact me.Plus I am waiting for some awesome movies to release which include Due Date, True Grit and Harry Potter movie.

And the last comes books(there are many more to but none will be discussed publicly)I have over the last few weeks ever since I have stopped writing have read extensively going form Outsider by Albert Camus, books by Garcia Marquez, Ayn Rand, Orhan Pamuk and some others which I currently am unable to remember.



Sorry for a really boring post but what can I say sometimes it just feels good to tell someone what you are doing these days even if it is a computer.

And happy Diwali to anyone whom I did not say to(though wondering now I did not say it to a whole lot of people)

Read if you want to this article about Obama’s visit to India published on the Tehelka website.

@sanskar: Isn’t this a great photo of Grace Slick. I was telling you about it if you remember.

@sukrit: thanks for helping out with the title by the way.


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