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Sanskar, me, Sukrit and Vikrant recently found a list of psychedelics songs. This list on refinement and trimming down have come to this. If you love Pink Floyd you would love all the songs in the list. If you think that there is none greater song than echoes then do go through this list.

If you know anymore songs like these please do let us know.

The American Metaphysical Circus by The United States of America

Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles

Interstellar Overdrive by Pink Floyd

Are You Experienced by Jimi Hendrix Experience

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles

Spare Chaynge by Jefferson Airplane

Strange Days by The Doors

I Am The Walrus by The Beatles

Venus In Furs by The Velvet Underground

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

Astronomy Domine by Pink Floyd

Comin’ Back To Me by Jefferson Airplane

The Gift by The Velvet Underground

Horse Latitudes by The Doors

Eight Miles High by The Byrds

Still I’m Sad by The Yardbirds

Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles

Sky Pilot by Eric Burdon & The Animals

Mind Gardens by The Byrds

Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun by Pink Floyd

And The Gods Made Love by Jimi Hendrix Experience

Orange & Red Beams by Eric Burdon & The Animals

Rack My Mind by The Yardbirds

See Emily Play by Pink Floyd

Rosemary by Grateful Dead

Just The Thought by Eric Burdon & The Animals

Lather by Jefferson Airplane

Chushingura by Jefferson Airplane


P.S :

The minors are coming. A whole lot of time wasting just to get photocopies of material I am going to lose in just over two weeks.


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