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Merely a day after finishing that weirdo Moby Dick I read Metamorphosis. I was scared maybe I won’t understand it and it would ruin the book for me. But as you will see that reading the book was not such a bad thing after all.

One morning Samsa wakes up and finds himself inexplicable as a vermin, a human size, hideous insect. Instead of his thoughts being “how did this happen?” Not, “what is happening to me? Will I die?” His chief concern is “how am I going to get to work?” . This first line makes Kafka revered as a literary genius. He showed in this first line that we are free to make our own choices but are everywhere in chains by this reality. Of course Gregor’s first thought is about getting to the office. We’re all slaves to it in one form or another.

Gregor shouldn’t have worried as his boss comes up to his house where he lives with his family to check upon why didn’t he catch the early morning train. Now the apeshit is this that now on seeing what he has turned into only the boss goes apeshit, his family just show mild concerns. The heavy symbolism of classic existentialism is great onward here. The family then turns to caring for Gregor, all the while feeling repulsed by him. Gradually everyone distance themselves from him citing one reason or other. They can’t relate to him anymore and that makes him scary…weird. Towards the end we get to know that family had various rationalizations for their feelings. By this Kafka comes out and thus he proclaims that whoever we are, we are all trapped in our own version of reality and no other person in this world exist who would understand what it is like to be us, therefore even in throngs of crowds, at dinner table with family or anywhere we will always be alone. Gregor’s metamorphosis is just an awesome symbol of the fact.



I am sorry that first I didn’t advise Sukrit to go ahead and read it. But now I wish he reads it as soon as possible.

Plus today is Sukrit’s birthday…..:) Happy Birthday 🙂


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