Independence Day

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Tomorrow is our nation’s 64thIndependence Day. With it, there comes a myriad of things which are as seasonal as a fungus shroom in monsoons and in some sense compete with it on the weirdness scale too. The newspapers and news media will rant about things such as ups and down to this day, the flag and other emblems will be sold street side (especially in Delhi), crazy fb updates about independence and freedom, unlimited advertisement concerning discounts on the independence day, not funny but masquerading as funny article like the one by Chetan Bhagat in today’s TOI editorial (I can name a few more but it is starting to get boring now so dropping it there. Also maybe this post is like one of them too, who knows?). But no one addresses the biggest question of importance. i.e. the question of prejudice.

But I will try to make it not so even though I may fail to do so in more than one way.

Orwell said Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows., is it enough? Do we need something else complimenting it to be really free? I think that this definition lacks freedom from prejudice that arises in knowing the fact that someone believes 2+2 =5. Freedom along with the ability to say 2+2 =5 is our accepting that someone is in their rights in challenging our beliefs or having contradicting beliefs. Freedom is not getting free of someone dominance or having your independent beliefs rather it is liberating your mind of prejudice that roots in our brain due to our knowing of someone else’s belief. We must view the world objectively like the aliens would if they were to come to earth. I don’t suppose they would think of someone Hindu or American or rich or intelligent as a different species. Neither would we do so if we are to come across an extra-terrestrial intelligent species. So why shouldn’t we collectively as humans, use the same objectivity when dealing locally (I mean between humans). I agree that though there have been age old classifications, demarcation of humans ever since humans developed enough intelligence to make fire, but this shouldn’t be a hindering factor in developing our viewpoint and going global. I can assure you if you boil every problem on this earth down enough, the root cause of it would be nothing but people from both sides believing that people not in their group intend malice towards them. This belief is what generates fear and when threatened humans are capable of things though monumental but unspeakable.

I believe in it and I try to endorse it as much as I can and this is the reason I am always happy never psyched out, always smiling.

Going free in this way would not only liberate us in the real sense but also lead to a happy and not afraid human race.



One Response to “Independence Day”

  1. U have said it all

    I dunno how many ppl will agree to wat u hav said, some might contest by saying this would lead to anarchy of sorts with demolition of conventional systematized order, but then greatness and innovative zeal have always come in only after some naive minds who hadn’t been subjected to these object oriented biases, who dared to follow their own subjective line of thinking with certain shrewdness(only to extent of drawing personal satisfaction, mind u without imposing their subjective assessment of existing paradigm on others) started speaking.

    So just to add to your point: freedom from prejudice and freedom of expression 🙂
    together they work wonders!

    nice piece yaar, loved it……simple nd crisp…to the point!


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