Energy is Not Conserved

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No, the title is not a spoof. It’s in fact a very subtle and deep statement concerning the Universe. But rather than going on and on about it i’ll post a couple of very interesting links. But first the following :

“Any Universe can arise from anything or nothing. Inflation produced our whole Universe from a tiny seed; it’s the ultimate free lunch cooked by Alan Guth. So if your energy is conserved, the energy of anything must be equal to the energy of anything else, for example to the energy of nothing, so it must be zero. 🙂 “

1. Energy is Not Conserved by by Sean Carroll

I’ve been meaning to link to this post at the arXiv blog, which is a great source of quirky and interesting new papers. In this case they are pointing to a speculative but interesting paper by Martin Perl and Holger Mueller, which suggests an experimental search for gradients in dark energy by way of atom interferometry.

But I’m unable to get past this part of the blog post:

The notion of dark energy is peculiar, even by cosmological standards.

Cosmologists have foisted the idea upon us to explain the apparent accelerating expansion of the Universe. They say that this acceleration is caused by energy that fills space at a density of 10-10 joules per cubic metre.

What’s strange about this idea is that as space expands, so too does the amount of energy. If you’ve spotted the flaw in this argument, you’re not alone. Forgetting the law of conservation of energy is no small oversight.

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2. Why and How Energy is not conserved in Cosmology ?

Phil Gibbs is convinced that all relativists are wrong when they say that the energy conservation law is weakened, trivialized, corrected, or violated in general relativity in any way.

But they are right. 😉 Let me explain.

What is energy?

In different physical situations, we use different formulae for “energy” but we always want the “same convertible currency” that may be summarized as follows:

Energy is the scalar quantity that is conserved as a result of the time-translational invariance of the laws of physics.

This deep relationship between symmetries of the laws of Nature – in this case the invariance under the translations in time – and the conservation laws was discovered by Fraulein Emmy Amalie Noether – who is worshiped by young mathematicians such as the Gentleman on the picture.




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