To Boldly Go:My Life in Physics by Stephen Hawking

In Physics Stuff on August 6, 2010 by Sukrit Tagged: , ,

Stephen Hawking just back from his trip to the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics, Waterloo wrote an interesting article in cosmos. The article sums up his research and theoretical stance over a long, exciting and certainly tumultuous career.

I’d recommend everyone to read it, whether they understand the physics in there or not. Stephen Hawking is one of the few great Physicists of our time and an inspiration to everyone. You certainly dont need me to tell you that.

Every few years a young dandy comes along full of swagger questioning the worth of Stephen Hawking. They will do well to remember this :

It is one of the greatest equations you will ever come across. Just imagine- entropy, Quantum Mechanics (h), Gravity (G) and speed of light(c) in one single equation ! Dazzling! and certainly a bit unnerving.


PS: By the by that equation represents the entropy of a Black Hole.


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