Diagnosis on The Acute disease affecting Textile profs

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Before I begin writing it must be made clear that I am in no way here referring to all the professors in the textile department but rather leave out a few exceptional cases; I will talk about these later.

So lets begin then. Though inhibited by my limited understanding into Human behaviour and even the more limitedness of my knowledge regarding so called non-human behavior; I will hereby put forth my opinion about the acute disease contracted by the professors of the textile department. According to my  inference these same people are suffering from the problem which often visits drunken ppl living in a hypothetical world. These professors think that they are a blessing upon the world, that by coming to class they are doing the students some kind of favor.They come because they are paid to work; similarly we pay the institute fees and not feed of their charity. That look of condescension smitten all over their brow, mixed with hoty derision, with the so called assumed dignity and respect in their posture is just pathetic to look at. Indeed some of them say that teaching students is an added obligation,a waste of their precious time; time which is better spent researching hanging around near the nescafe outlet.

Something more must certainly be said about their facial expressions. Ofcourse smiles are prohibited. Smiling is injurious to their posture and anyways smiling might be misinterpreted by the students as a friendly gesture. And yes the eye brows must be in a lofty position, like a king judging peasant. All this ofcourse is part of the professor code. All this combined gives them a constipated expression, almost as if their asses are stuffed with animal fodder !!

Another revolutionary idea has cropped up in their brilliant minds. And this is to close the classroom door at 11.05 if the class starts at 11. Ofcourse the students having to walk from one class to another and maybe drinking a little water in between is “their fate”. Like all species, the smartest among the group is one step ahead. He has set his watch 10 minutes ahead of time. How brilliant ! The result of all the fruitful research and discussion in the corridors of textile department. Next time a prof doesnt come on time I’ll lock the door from inside and ask the prof not to bang the door and make noise !

Also just a mild piece of advice; dont do more than 20 credits this semester; for some prof might just say – “Come to tutorial at 1 tomorrow”. The institute time table ofcourse doesnt mean anything. Another thing is totally beyond me- I am doing three OC’s this sem. And all of the profs there are human. So I have characterized this disease as affecting only the textile department.


PS: I do realize that some of you might have views radically different from mine but then what the heck this is my blog.


One Response to “Diagnosis on The Acute disease affecting Textile profs”

  1. i agree wid u totally;
    even my oc’s prof is so humble …

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