Quantum Mechanics Survives

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Three is a crowd

Everyone has heard of the famous 2-slit experiment of Quantum Mechanics, and almost everyone has studied it, scratching their heads , gazing unbelievably at another piece of tomfoolery propounded by Phyisicts. Strange and bizarre as it may be, Quantum Mechanics is one of the most accurately tested theories of Physics, and the 2-slit experiment its most famous result. To quote Richard Feynman:

We choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery.” Feynman went on to add: “We should say right away that you should not try to set up this experiment. This experiment has never been done in just this way. The trouble is that the apparatus would have to be made on an impossibly small scale to show the effects we are interested in. We are doing a “thought experiment”, which we have chosen because it is easy to think about. We know the results that would be obtained because there are many experiments that have been done, in which the scale and the proportions have been chosen to show the effects we shall describe”.

Just to add- the double slit experiment was confirmed in the year 1961 before Feynman started his lectures. Anyways, the post is not about this. Physicists have gone one step further and proved that the same rules apply to a 3 slit experiment. It just took them a century to get here ! Physicists hoped that somehow this would lead to the violation of Born’s Rule . It predicts that interference patterns from three or more slits is equivalent to combining the effects of several double-slit experiments.

However Quantum Mechanics holds strong and tight , unwilling to give up its secrets.

Really nature ? Whats so Flummoxing about this experiment ? And where the hell does relativity come in from ?



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