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In Uncategorized on July 18, 2010 by Sukrit

We haven’t covered movies here in a while, which is partly attributable to the lack of any new (watchable) movies. However Nolan’s latest flick- Inception, inspired to see some of his old and earliest work. Ironic as it may sound, I subscribe to the belief that a directors’ earliest works are shaped more to his desires and not commercial glossing. As a result i watched Following, Nolan’s first commercial work. Well its commercial only in name. It was the lowest budget as low budgeted movies come, made with the friends as actors, and using their houses as a studio. I suppose this skeleton should suffice as a biographical background, and i should proceed to relate stuff abt the movie.

A young 20 something unemployed writer follows strangers around at random to find material for his “characters”; in short looking for some inspiration for a piece. The man is as melancholy and desolated as they come; indeed an island unto himself even though surrounded by a sea of people. Trouble brews when he is taken under the wing of a thief. A thief who breaks into the life of people and not just their houses. Needless to say our young friend is hooked. I shouldn’t say more or i’ll end up spoiling the fun.

The movie is made in characteristic non- linear style of Chris Nolan. The actors are surprisingly good considering it is their part time profession. However they lack the thematic intensity necessary to render Nolan’s characteristic mysterious build- ups artistic. The background score would not suit to any other movie, indeed would be characterized as eerie. But it mingles in a strangely harmonious way with the black and white characters.

The movie is a good watch. I’d certainly recommend it to those who liked Prestige. And its just 1 hour and 10 mins.


PS: I just started reading Moby Dick. Its a lot of fun. Like Shakespeare mixed with our beloved Holden Caulfield. What follows is crazy; literary crazy. (double meaning implied)


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  1. Hey I randomly came across your blog. Following is one my favourite movies and Nolan my favourite director. So i’m glad you’re urging people to watch this film. It is his first and I really think it provides a better understanding to his later films.
    Cheers mate!

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