Back to India; and it sucks

In Uncategorized on July 2, 2010 by Sukrit

The first thought that entered my mind as i stepped out of the plane was – oh god, this place again. Yup, thats the truth. And there are many reasons for it.

The tunnel or air passage wtvr they call it, was lined with cardboard and was smelly. There was a huge line at customs. The custom officers misbehaved with every single foreigner and most of the indians were given a royal welcome if you know what i mean. The airport totally sucks, resembles a railway station and nobody knows whats going on. I just cant understand the fact that small Malaysian towns have great airports and our national capital has a railways station instead. And its Malaysia a country with a struggling economy, less developed than india. Its not like i am comparing it to Europe.

But by far the biggest difference is in the people. In all my stay in Malaysia i didnt see a single person with a frown on his face, or shouting or even misbehaving. From the driver to the waiter everyone was so polite. And not only to tourists but to other ppl in general. Nobody breaks lines in traffic, everyone waits for others. In short the behaviour is human. To contrast it with India just visit the toll plaza at Gurgaon expressway. To be sure the traffic wasnt much, but chaos ensued. Everyone kept breaking lines, truck waalas shouting at other people, everyone horning. Its strange but i dont remember hearing the sound of a horn in the past week.

People will say that the new Terminal 3 would make our airport world-class. Infrastructure wise maybe. But then who will replace the big bellied, foul-mouthed Indian policeman; sitting a t a chair picking his nose in public and harassing people.

Truly India !


PS: It makes me very sad that the first thing i feel when entering this country is to leave it again.


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