Helpimgs from Malaysia II

In Uncategorized on June 27, 2010 by Sukrit

Well the third day in malaysia turned out to be the best so far. We climbed about 1500 ms through a Malaysian jungle to see a waterfall ! beautiul and breathtaking .
The forest air was absolutely fresh something which is often found in our polluted cities. Forests have a certain beauty, a certain melanchony dreamy state somethig that only a poet can do justice too .what do u think i did when i reached the water fall ?? Found a big large stone with water rushing beneath , lay down on it , plug in my headphones and listen to pink floyd!! Awesome
My driver has promised me some local malaysian drink called tapai . He says i am going to get all high after it. Lets see . Btw that guy has 2 wives. And legally too !

PS: cant wait for england vs germany tonight .
Attachee u dead or wat ? Write something man .


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