Helpings From Malaysia

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2010 by Sukrit

Just finished my second day in Malaysia today. Even though this aint my first visit the country still doesnt fail to surprise. Just for the info i am far away from the main Malaysian heartland. The place is called Kota Kinabalu and is on a separate island; about 2.5 hour flight from Kuala Lampur.

As a result the place is home to actual Malaysian culture, few tourists and good food- in short the perfect holiday. The town is pretty small but is home to a couple of amazing beaches and crazy sea food (sadly i am a veggie). Dinner consisted of aloo pakoda cooked in malay style- truly the best i have ever eaten.

The most surprising thing in Malaysia is the traffic situation. Its just so totally diff from India. People drive patiently, following all rules, no overtaking, no breaking lines, no horns and certainly no fights or arguing. Its not like Gurgaon where everyone is trying to kill eachother when driving.

People are much different too. For one they eat like crazy. To tell you the truth i have never seen people being so happy and content with life. Not one sad or angry face. Everyone smiling. Speaking slowly.

And sadly no sexy women yet. Kinda spoils the trip, doesn’t it ?



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