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This is a post which results from the fact that lately I have no idea for a new post(See I don’t have any ideas for the title either). So just a post of some things I think as interesting.

1. The photos of executions of the French resistance fighters being released for the first time on the eve of 60th anniversary of Nazi’s invasion of Russia (if you haven’t seen them, Google it up, you will get the stories about them too). People in Europe right now and specifically in Paris can see it firsthand.

2. World Movies is an awesome channel, I saw “before sunrise” the other day and though I don’t quite like romance movies, this one was a good one, and I mean it.

3. Monty Python series is also as awesome as the Holy Grail movie,(who am I kidding Holy Grail kicks ass and if you haven’t seen it you are missing the best comedy movie of all time),but still the series is quite good, but sadly I have to watch it on YouTube, and again Holy Grail kicks ass.

4. Why are there sporting events being organized during the World Cup, I mean who the hell cares about them right now.

5. I am disgusted with TOI for publishing a daily article on World Cup by Mandira Bedi, seriously they have stooped to the lowest now.

6. I am reading War and Peace which reminds me of clearing a myth regarding how tall Napoleon was. People think he was a short guy, and he was also call “le petit corporal” in his days, but this was all false. There are three major reasons for this to be false.

a) English inch is shorter than the French version of inch.

b) Early in his military career, soldiers used it to mock his relatively low rank, and hence the name stuck.

c) When he became the emperor of France he used to be surrounded by much taller imperial guards.

d) He was 5 feet 7 inches tall, taller than the general height of French people at that time.

7. And read this awesome article about Europe economic crisis.



I have got Bill Bryson’s “A walk in the woods” and “Down Under”, if anyone has “Brief History of Nearly Everything” please lend it to me for a couple of days.( don’t tell me to buy it since it is around 600 and I won’t buy it unless it comes down.)

Despite the post don’t get into any illusion that I am getting bored and just sitting here idle for the whole day, doing nothing, that is just not in my nature.

And why is it so hot here, 44 C is inhumane.


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