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In Uncategorized on June 18, 2010 by Sukrit

I am back , to ramble on again about stuff and clippings from the net. This week we have a blog by George Orwell, crazy architects and more.

So first up is George Orwell’s Blog (yaa, i know the guy is dead). Turns out some society is uploading his diary entries to the blog everyday. Some of them are real fun, specially now that the war has started !

Also check out these pics below. The bridge is a designed by architects to link Hong Kong with Mainland China. The problem is that people in Hong Kong drive on the left while Chinese do it on the right. Craziest bridge ever !

Steven Weinberg , the father of the Standard Model in Physics, Nobel Prize Winner (this doesnt count for much though) gave a lecture recently on LHC, Higgs, SUSY, dark matter. (Just a note : SUSY ain’t his girl. It’s an acronym for Super symmetry) . Check it out. 


PS : Finally one good match from the world cup. Messi was brilliant, though unlucky for not scoring a goal.


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