Fermilab study points to “Multiple God Particles”

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If the Higgs Boson is the God Particle then some physicists just turned polytheistic. A recent experiment at the Tevatron accelerator at Fermilab has set tongues wagging about the possible existense of  5 higgs boson or ‘god particles’ instead one. This has been postulated as the only suitable extension of the current Standard Model to account for the matter antimatter asymmetry. (I have written a post on this previously)

I should pause here and explain as to what the heck is this Higgs Boson and why do we care about it so much. Well Higgs Boson is like a foundation of the Standard Model in Particle Physics. It is what gives mass to the array of particles.It is what gives a zero mass to the photon, the carrier of the electromagnetic force and heavy mass of W,Z bosons which propagate the weak force.  Hence the name “God Particle”

Infographic (BBC)

The Higgs Boson is crucial to the Standard Model. The idea of multiple Higgs Boson is suggested by the DZero experiment at the Tevatron Particle Accelerator, Fermilab. The experiment is designed to study the asymmetry between matter and antimatter by colliding  protons and anti-protons at very high speeds. The collision produced pairs of matter particles more often than antimatter pairs. This asymmetry is not new in Physics and is incorporated in the Standard Model as CP Violation.

However the magnitude of the asymmetry as reported by the DZero Experiment is greater than that explained by the Standard Model. This has led physicists to postulate the existence of multiple Higgs Bosons. Indeed the data points towards 5 Higgs bosons- 3 neutral , 1 each positively and negatively charged. This is also known as the two-higgs doublet model.

However, truth be told ; this 5 boson theory is very speculative at this stage. The data may very well point to other much distinct possibilities. This particular solution just happens to fit well with the Standard Model. Another possibility is the existence of the shadow partner of the Higgs Boson- Supersymmetry, Once again, only time will tell.


PS: Like all unanswered questions in Physics this one too begs from an explanation from LHC. I hope the LHC doesnt disappoint.

Hopefully, Spain plays well today. Otherwise this world cup will be pretty boring.


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