100 posts and counting !!

In Uncategorized on June 14, 2010 by Sukrit

100 posts on the blog !!

To tell you the truth, I didn’t think we would have come this far. This blog mainly grew out of a summer experiment by me, Vikas and Vikrant. To be fair it was just a medium to dissipate all the free time in the summers. As a result me and Vikrant sort of stagnated. Vikrant never wrote beyond the one post and i had other things to do. Vikas was the lonely warrior waging war, contributing another arbit thing after other.

After much nagging and persuasion on the part of Vikas i finally became a semi-regular blogger since the last couple of months. As our updates have become more regular the viewership of this blog has grown with more than 500 views in the past one and a half month. In all the while we have tried to maintain the spirit of the blog- freedom of ideas and thoughts (thats the serious side) while blogging away about the fun crazy things we’ve been upto. Arbiit Truly !!

Hope to continue the fun and frolic. Thanks for reading the shit we post here. Keep coming back !


Today is our 101st post on this blog.
Thank you all for reading. Seriously. Thank you.
I felt like I was writing to myself or to Sukrit for awhile there. But then you guys started reading and then some of you started commenting and that meant more to me than it probably should. 🙂

I have no regrets about starting to blog, all in all its been a great experience! And I look forward to more blogging ( even though I shall never understand how people find all the time !!) And here I am – 100th posts – hooray! Who would have thought it when I started… Here´s to another 100 !( and I hope this bring in more readers)

Most of the  blogs would bring out something like the top 10 posts from the 100 (we are not them and as you can read it from our header). So at this juncture we could just say that we continue our zany rumination into more and more intriguing  “arbit” stuff.



We thought a new theme would suit the occassion. But we are lazy people after all. We’ll do it later.


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