A Round Up Of Some Thought Provoking Links

In Uncategorized on June 9, 2010 by Sukrit

While surfing and facebooking and wasting eons of time on the internet one comes across a useful link or two, which serves as my only source of gratification. So here’s a round up of some funny some interesting and partly scientific stories i found on the net.

1. Free Energy and the Meaning of Life by Sean Carrol – Sean discusses how complex life is nothing but a mechanism designed by nature to release free energy.

2. Path Integration in Desert Ant– Believe it or not this guy used mathematical analysis to construct the path of a desert ant. Feynman would have loved it.

3. Energy is not Conserved– Yup folks thats the truth. Read to find out.

4. Linux vs. E Coli- This one’s for you Attachee. I have not spelled it wrong. Its an operating system versus a bacteria.

5. A lunar illusion you’ll flip over– A plateau on the moon that NASA never told you about.

Please add any interesting stuff you found to this list. I am always up for something weird.



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