Best Physics Books For Laymen

In Uncategorized on June 7, 2010 by Sukrit

The rigorous study of physics requires mathematics, complex equations and years of learning. But the physical phenomenon often can be demonstrated without complex mathematics. Their beauty is accessible to anyone. I have read many books on physics , string theory etc.  but most of them just turn out to be hand waiving and rubbish. Here are the 3 best books out there, that anyone can read.

The Trouble with Physics by Lee Smolin

This was the first book that i read about Physics and what started this idle interest of mine. I dont know why i bought it in the first place? Maybe i liked the cover. Anyways the book is a scientific journey from antiquity to Modern Physics encountering along the way the human attitude to science. The book is different in 2 ways- for one it attacks string theory on its head which few other books do, and second it takes a philosophical and social view of science and scientific revolutions. Like it says – Read This Book. Twice.

The other 2 books are by my favorite author Leonard Susskind. Susskind is a theoretical physicist with many contributions to his name – The Father of String Theory, Black Hole complementarity, Anthropic Principle, etc. He is one of the few people who has held his own in the ever changing world of physics and come out triumphant.

The Cosmic Landscape

Get ready to take a dive into the world of strings and branes, 11 dimensional world, multiverse, baby big bangs, millions of theories all in the cosmic landscape. In characteristic style the book is filled with anecdotes of Susskind’s long career as a physicist. Indeed he has a unique style of writing, which makes the book fun to read. Ideal for someone learning to know about String Theory.

Black Hole War

The development of the Black Hole complementarity has been the sole revolution in the past 10 years of Modern Physics. Listen to a first hand account of this revolution, Susskind’s battle with Stephen Hawking over black holes is legendary in physics. Perhaps our world is like a hologram ! . Thats the conclusion of this book. A great read from one of the masters in field.

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