Rajneeti : Unimpressive

In Uncategorized on June 5, 2010 by Sukrit

Just came back from seeing Rajneeti. I cant say that i am enthralled or appalled by the movie. It was just another one of the movies which you see without remembering anything afterwards.I am a tad disappointed actually since i had such high hopes after seeing the trailer.

The movie is basically a combination of Godfather, Mahabharata and the history of the Congress party. I mean there is nothing original in the movie. That same old Godfather Car bombing ,killing scenes which are a feature in any third grade gangster movie. There is a scene ripped out from Mahabharata when Kunti meets her estranged son Karna. Only when you see it on television its sad, during the movie it had everyone in fits of laughter. Its like Sarkar Raj without Amitabha Bacchan . Nana Patekar was the only one who added some class to the movie. I think the real life history of Sonia Gandhi is more interesting.

The movie is not a bad watch on the whole, as long as you dont go expecting anything new or dramatic. If you are a Katrina Kaif fan like me there is plenty to keep you interested. Needless to say she looks dazzling even in suits and saris.


PS: What beautiful weather. Listening to Blowin in the Wind by Bob Dylan with the glass of coke. Hope it stays that way.


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