Pakistan should just shut off the Internet!

In Uncategorized on May 20, 2010 by Sukrit

Last week saw Pakistan blocking access to websites like YouTube and Facebook because of the presence of “blasphemous content”. I think there is a line which the Government should not cross in its censorship of public content. The Pakistan Government is way past that line. I mean banning sites like YouTube and Facebook because someone drew a cartoon of Prophet Mohammad is just absolute hypocrisy. I don’t know whats more pathetic? Western people drawing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad or the Muslims getting offended enough to protest in the streets of Pakistan. The central problem is the absolute religious intolerance shown by the people of Pakistan. If someone drew a picture of Prophet Mohammad, it shouldn’t affect the religious beliefs held by an individual. I am not saying that drawing such a picture is a good thing, its ofcourse bad, but whats much more worse is making such a big issue out of it.

According to me the reason for the negative image of Muslims is their lack of tolerance. I am no judge of religion; the beliefs held by an individual are his right. But to bring out protests in the streets is just hokam. The motivaton behind these protests comes from political parties ofcourse. They blow the issue out of proportion to gain those precious publicity points by painting the West as blasphemous and themselves as the savior of Muslims. Ofcourse the people are stupid enough to follow.

The solution- shut off the internet, ban international news and channels- that will prevent all forms of blasphemous content.



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