Aman ki Asha ? What Rubbish

In Uncategorized on May 19, 2010 by Sukrit

There are some things which irritate me to a point where my head feels like exploding. One of these is this Aman Ki Asha Project started by Times of India. Imagine waking up, looking at your newspaper and find the front page full of such crap. And it is crap. The aim of the project is to promote peace between India and Pakistan. Somehow this aim will be achieved by bringing together corporates from both sides in elite seminars. These seminars opened by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee aim to “foster a new environment for peace”; whatever that means I don’t know. Either TOI is just trying to earn a few publicity points or it doesn’t understand anything about the India- Pakistan issue. This issue certainly wont be solved by businessman or ex-diplomats.

The important is that, personally I feel all these peace projects are just bullshit propaganda. If in the past 60 years we haven’t learned that there can be no peace with Pakistan; then god help us. I mean just look at the Kasab case. Pakistan has not given any assistance whatsoever, even though it should have. India instead of breaking off ties with Pakistan, put its tail between its legs and started the ‘dialogue process’. I mean cmon, this is the heights.



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