An Inspiring Note

In Uncategorized on May 18, 2010 by Sukrit


This is a short “inspiring”poem written by my little sister samridhi. Check it out –


One night i was depressed

by thinking about my future

that what face of the world will i be shown

and what would i have to face

but then an inspiring beloved came and said to me-

“make the max of life you can

think on the brighter side of things.”

and i was awestruck

to find how beautiful was the

shell covering of a jellyfish

instead of seeing the ugly complexities

i imagined the intricate silk pattern of my life on a black cloth-

with a silver silk thread

marking a beautiful pattern of my birth,

the worst days of my life

marked with darkest threads

but i was inspired to see

the silhouette morals out of all these

dark days;


So think of the nightmarish days

with a brighter side to them

to learn a precious moral

every dark moment of your life

to find yourself soon

awoken from the nightmares

and be mesmerized to see

the brighter pattern of your life

lingering on the dark silhouette

of the past;


Someday may even come

when you find only bright

patterns of life

and be happy but not mesmerized;


So, think of your nightmares

as an inspiration because of the

morals they teach

and make your life pattern

so beautifully wove

that it would be called the inspiring note…:)




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