Books For The Summer

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Summer holidays offer book lovers a chance to read those monumental classics which we are unable to read in the semester either due to their bulk or their complexity. Here is a list of some great books which can be read in these summer vacations:

  • Ulysses

    James Joyce’s magnum opus, Ulysses is considered to be the greatest modernist work of the 20th century. Ulysses chronicles the passage of Leopold Bloom through Dublin during an ordinary day, 16 June 1904. Ulysses contains approximately 265,000 words from a lexicon of 30,030 words divided into eighteen episodes.
    Ulysses’ stream-of-consciousness technique, careful structuring, and experimental prose—full of puns, parodies, and allusions, as well as its rich characterizations and broad humor, made the book a highly regarded novel in the Modernist pantheon. In 1999, the Modern Library ranked Ulysses first on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century.

  • Odyssey

    Homer’s epic The Odyssey is the story of an epic voyage from The Trojan Lands to Mainland Greece , depecting the visscitudes of the journey in a vivid and striking fashion. Wriitten originally in Greek The Odyssey continues to be translated into many languages and ranks with books like Aristotle’s Poetics as one of the oldest classics of Western Literature. The poem consists of about 12,000 lines and was written approximately 2700 years ago.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    Ayn Rand considered it her magnum opus, critics decried it , anybody who likes it hates it too. It is Rand’s most extensive statement of Objectivism . The theme of Atlas Shrugged, as Rand described it, is “the role of man’s mind in existence.” The book explores a number of philosophical themes that Rand would subsequently develop into the philosophy of Objectivism. The novel’s title is a reference to the mythical Titan, Atlas, who in the novel is said to hold the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. At one point, the character of Francisco d’Anconia asks the character Hank Rearden what sort of advice he would give to Atlas. Rearden is unable to answer, so Francisco gives his own response: “to shrug” .

    There are many books in the world which can improve one’s life ; this is one of the few that can destroy it.

  • The Alexander Trilogy

    The trilogy is a marvelous story of one of history’s greatest characters and his quest to conquer the civilized world. It is an outstanding trilogy of brutal passion and grand adventure in ancient Greece. Manfredi differs from other historians as he does not separate the mystical and magical from Alexander but rather embraces it.

  • The Lord of the Rings

    Well, what can I say ?

  • War and Peace

    It is considered one of the world’s greatest work of fiction. It is Leo Tolstoy’s finest achievement. Epic in scale, War and Peace delineates in graphic detail events leading up to Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, and the impact of the Napoleonic era on Tsarist society, as seen through the eyes of five Russian aristocratic families.

    Tolstoy himself, somewhat enigmatically, said of War and Peace that it was “not a novel, even less is it a poem, and still less an historical chronicle.”

    There are many translations around. I recommend you buy Penguin’s and not Harper Collins.

PS :

There are many such books, these are just a few. I am sure Vikas will contribute to these.

Also note- A side-effect of reading War and Peace is that you will never be able to read history by any other writer.



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