Victory Day

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2010 by Vikas

I don’t know about many people but I am very transfixed about World War 2 and thinking that such a war was fought.

Most of the newspapers had seem to forgotten that today was the victory day.(at least officially , since the Ruskies say so). today was the day when Nazi Germany capitulated to the Soviet Union in 1945.

It was late evening of May 8th in Germany when the capitulation was signed, but since USSR won and according to time difference it was early morning in Moscow the day decided for victory day was May 9.

Today is the day in history when one of the most game changing, bloody, barbaric war on this planet ended. Further details can be found here.

P.S :

1 .My holidays have started and I will be blogging now quite often and Sukrit will be too.

2. and the pic is of Marshal Georgy Zhukov and Marshal Rokossovsky during the first Victory Parade.


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