Why no liquor at IPL Matches?

In Uncategorized on April 9, 2010 by Sukrit

If any of you have followed the news lately it’s been filled with debate as to whether liquor should be served during IPL matches. We have seen comments and outbursts in this regard from cricketers, administrators, filmstars and now our venerable Sports Minister. Personally I think this debate is banal though not completely without lesson. It goes a long way in showing the hypocrisy filled up in our society and government and how everyone is just plainly concerned with grabbing media attention in any way possible.

The debate is about this- People in the corporate boxes are served liquor during ipl matches. Now what is wrong with this ? Aren’t people supposed to enjoy during matches. It is not that the people behave indecently. These corporate boxes are made up of people from the upper strata of society and are much more decent than most other spectators. Indeed politicians in India use trivial things like these to project the “moral greatness and goodness” of the Indian society. This just goes to show how shallow such people are. They pounce on oppurtunities like these to make a case for great Indian culture while the real culture is rotting away somewhere in the suburbs of Delhi. Indeed what sense does it make for the sports minister to come and make a statement on this issue? It has got absolutely nothing to do with him. It just gives him a media personality of a righteous Indian even though he may be a hardcore drinker personally. Some political mileage gained. Always helps.

The sad part is that such shallow acts end up garnering a great deal of media attention. If someone drinks in a responsible way, then what the heck is your problem with it? People of India are naïve enough to be enamored and captivated by such political statements and hence complete a vicious social circle. Its time people learned to use their heads a little.

PS: If you want to become famous now is the time. Lead the protests against cheerleaders in ipl matches. They are ofcourse very vulgar and against our Indian culture.




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