Whats wrong with IIT ?

In Uncategorized on April 8, 2010 by Sukrit

The answer would be almost everything or perhaps even anything. Normal people whom I define as non-iitians may balk at the idea that there can be something wrong with the most prestigious of India’s Institutes, after all most of the highest packages in the country come from them only. Since they produce so many “successful” people what can possibly go wrong ? Ofcourse these people have never been inside an IIT so they have absolutely no idea.

Well this article is the first of a larger series (you may be surprised how large!) where I hope to dispel some of the myth and hysteria surrounding these institutes. This particular article is about ‘chill courses’ in iit. It’s the time of the semester where we need to pick out courses that we want to do for the next semester. Usually you may be inclined to think that students pick out courses they wish to learn about or have some interest or inclination to do. But that is not the case. For most people the thought of learning from a course is just plain funny. A course is just a medium to earn a chill grade which helps your CGPA which supposedly ensures that you get a better job (which is ofcourse the ultimate aim of life). So these students spend most of their present time running around their seniors asking around for chill profs who give chill grades. Indeed most of them don’t even know the course content of the courses that they pick out.

I distinctly remember that during my 3rd semester I had to pick out a course in Humanities to do. I was advised by my fellow students to seek the help of my seniors in this regard. Since I was interested in philosophy I went to a senior to seek advice. Well the response I got was this – ” Critical thinking utha le. Chill course hai. Prof kuch nahin kehta aur attendance fyt bhi nahin marta. 8thi lag jaayegi aaram se”. Stupidly I asked him about the course content. I got a shocked and amazed glance with ofcourse no answer. I never went to a senior again in my life. Such incidents may seem trivial but are actual eye openers and leave one deeply amazed.

This about sums it up. The attitude of students in IIT is wrong. They don’t come here to learn. They come here so they can get a job which pays well whatever it may be. It is no wonder that IIT’s have never produced a scientific achievement and never will. How many times have you seen in the newspaper something about highest pay packages at IIT ? compare this with the number of times you have read this- “IIT student does breakthrough research”. How many of the passing out Btechs continue to pursue their Mtech or Phd from IIT ? You may be surprised that not even a single Btech passout from the last batch continued in IIT.

I am not saying that all students are such or that it is entirely their fault. Indeed there are a few who will end up learning something from IIT and retain some scientific interest and will go abroad to pursue higher studies. The fault lies both in the Indian mentality and the way of thinking and about the pathetic setup and institutional framework of the IIT’s. More about this later.

PS: Since this is a friendly and helpful blog here are a few tips – BEL 110 is chill and most get 8/9 on 10. Make sure pick CEL 140 and Rajesh Khanna is a very chill prof.







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