Google reader play

In Uncategorized on March 31, 2010 by Vikas

Some months ago Google Fast Flip came into picture. It was an awesome tool to surf important news sites and stuff. But recently Google went a step further and introduced another type of product by the name of Google Reader Play.

Though it does not give news snippets and fast flip kind of features, it is still quite good. Google recognized the fact people do read a lot of blogs apart from big sites. Hence the product.

Google Reader Play is a new Reader feature that plays a slideshow of cool items from around the web based on the stories you star. It’s like a full screen viewing experience for your newsreader.

In Google Reader Play, items are presented one at a time, and each item is big and full-screen. After you’ve read an item, just click the next arrow to move to the next one, or click any item on the filmstrip below to fast-forward. Of course, you can click the title or image of any item to go to the original version. And since so much of the good stuff online is visual, we automatically enlarge images and auto-play videos full-screen.

You can also just run Reader Play as a auto-advancing slideshow if you just want to sit back and bask in the stream.


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