Richard Feynman: Messenger Lectures

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Richard Feynman is perhaps the most recognizable face of Theoretical Physics after Albert Einstein. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to Quantum Electrodynamics. Feynman continues to captivate the attention of the young who look upto him as their idol and role model. Vikas is a much bigger fan of Feynman than me, so I’ll leave it upto him to write a full post about him.

This one is about his Messenger Lectures- a series of lectures delivered on the Character of Physical Law at Cornell university. They are one of the very few complete recorded lectures of Feynman and a joy to listen to. The lectures are mostly non-technical requiring only the most basic knowledge of Physics and Mathematics.

Bill Gates has generously bought these lectures from Cornell and published them online for viewing. It’s one of his many charitable contributions to the world.

I recommend you to watch these lectures – they are just pure fun, whether you are a Physics fan or not. For a theoretical physics enthusiast like me they are mandatory. Truly iconic!

These can be found at – (I’d recommend using Internet Explorer with Microsoft Silverlight installed)

Enjoy !!





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