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Internet has become the new classroom. Education has never before been so universal and free. People like me who are willing to learn can find lectures from leading universities across the world on subjects like – Physics, Mathematics , Computer Science , Social Science etc. You name it and its out there. Me and Vikas are great fan of such lectures and will keep posting updates and links to our favorite courses .

Since I am physics enthusiast , I’ll start out with some physics ones –

  • Basic Physics at MIT-

    MIT Open courseware provides the basic undergraduate courses in Physics for free online, complete with video lectures and notes. The Courses are – 8.01 Classical Mechanics, 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism , 8.03 – Oscillations and Waves. These courses are basic in nature and can be studied by anyone with the most elementary knowledge of Physics and Mathematics.

    The courses are taken by the iconic MIT professor Dr. Walter Lewin. The guy is a wizard in the classroom and it is enjoyable listening to his lectures even though most of the stuff is high school or 1st year undergrad. Level . Check out the promo –

    Heres the link To MIT’s site. Check back often for course updates. (

  • Theoretical Physics –

    For people interested in learning the basics of theoretical physics Stanford has a course series called – “The Theoretical Minimum “. The series covers six short modules of approx. 10 lectures each on – Classical Mechanics , Field Theory, General Relativity , Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics and Cosmology.

    These courses provide a firm grounding in theoretical physics and enable one to have the basic knowledge to think intelligently about the exciting new areas of theoretical physics. The courses are taken by the legendary Leonard Susskind – The father of String Theory and developer of the Black Hole Complementarity and Anthropic Principle. (For more info see- ). The lectures are of good quality and don’t require much follow up . Most of them are available on Stanford’s Channel On YouTube ( .

    Try these out. Any help or guidance required please drop me a mail .

    Enjoy !!


    PS: I will blog more. iss baar pakka.


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