Books and Movies Update

In Uncategorized on March 28, 2010 by Sukrit

Me and Vikas are great lovers of Books and movies please don’t label us as nerds. We are far from it ) . I read a lot of books from various genres and different authors.

This week I read The Name Of The Rose – by Umberto Eco ( . The book is a medieval Europe tail involving popes, monks , emperors , the devil and a murderous plot. Although written as murder mystery the book goes much deeper than that , as Umberto uses the vicissitudes of medieval Europe to portray his view on Christianity , God, Monks, Books , Heresies and of course Laughter !! It is a splendidly written book deep with literary syllogisms and full of proses in Latin. It gives us a brief view of the vast intellect and genius of Umberto Eco. I’ll certainly recommend that book , though it’s not for the one lacks courage . Moved on – To Kill a Mockingbird now. Let’s see how it turns out.

Most of my movie recommendations come from Vikas who sees about 10 movies a week or something, and is sure to run out of them in the next couple of years. I saw Fargo today. Even though much praised by others(note Vikas) the movie turned out to be dull and boring , without any plot or core. Certainly fails if it tries to become a psychological thriller. It succeeds only on one count- that is on showing the stupidity of the Americans ( for one the director who made the movie). My recommendation – Don’t Watch It.




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  1. I didn’t exactly recommend it. They asked from me how is Fargo and I just said it is a good ironic made by Coen brother.
    Instead of a hard-bitten police investigating a murder in the shadows, we have a cheeful pregnant police chief investigating murders in the snow.
    So, where the stereotypical hard-bitten PI movie would end with the PI sitting in his lonely apartment, thinking about the femme fatale who almost got him killed, this movie ends with Marge returning to her loving family. This scene just emphasizes that.
    Get it good family vs bad family

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