The new NASA

In Uncategorized on February 2, 2010 by Vikas

Can the new development regarding NASA be equated to what happened to NASA during the era of President Kennedy?(this is a sarcastic statement )

If Mr. Obama’s proposed budget is implemented, NASA a few years from now would be fundamentally different from NASA today. The space agency would no longer operate its own spacecraft, but essentially buy tickets for its astronauts on commercially launched rockets. It would end its program to return to the moon and would pursue future missions to deep space by drawing more cooperation and financing from other nations. As expected, Mr. Obama’s proposal seeks to cancel the Ares I rocket, in development for four years as a replacement to the space shuttles. More unexpected, the request also would kill Orion, the crew capsule that was to sit atop the Ares I. The Orion is the only spacecraft in development that would be capable of traveling beyond low Earth orbit.

After spending $9 billion on Constellation, the program to return to the moon, canceling the contracts with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Alliant Techsystems and other companies would cost an additional $2.5 billion(isn’t the amount of money involved absurd)

The Obama budget proposes spending $18 billion over five years for development of technologies like fuel stations in orbit, new types of engines to accelerate spacecraft through space and robotic factories that could churn soil on the moon — and eventually Mars — into rocket fuel.(cool space stuff first before we yonder beyond).

The extent to which they are determined to cancel the moon mission is this

“We all believe that the seventh time we land on the moon will be with our international partners,” Lori B. Garver, NASA’s deputy administrator.

In the meantime, instead of using the Ares I to transport astronauts to the International Space Station, $6 billion of the budget would instead go to financing space taxi services from commercial companies(another controversial changeand have they thought if that by canceling the Ares I, NASA would have no backup if the commercial companies were unable to deliver a rocket.)

I now realize these are really tough times.

P.S : Minors are about to start.

But this will not mean i will study and stop posting…


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