Why do I read?

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I never wondered what is there due to which I read. On looking up into the matter i have got quite a few reasons but the answer is for you to decide.
Knowledge maybe the apparent cause for it. One may read to learn something useful, something new, something awesome. Knowledge can be considered as quite a reasonable cause. Also reading provides us to venture into other world and realize different opinions, varying possibilities to same problem. But there sure are something amiss so we should dig further.
What seems the second most important reason must be pure entertainment . Reading provides a plethora of entertainment be it thriller, comedy or tragedy. One must also be acknowledged with the fact most of the awe-inspiring movies are primarily based upon some amazing piece of literature. (I sure don’t need examples here). But still it does not feel like these are the complete set of reasons so I am pushing forward(it is abt to end so keep reading, don’t get tired of going deeper).
The next big thing to lead us to reading must be the kick we get from being so damn proud of having read something great and furthermore discussing it(it sure gets weird when someone discusses a book you haven’t read).
But the thing I am amply sure is that we read to adress boredom and inexorable progress of time(like i do in polymer and chemistry classes, sure many do as well).
Now the strange part of this post is about to unfold. Can anyone state a valid reason why as to
not read(no prizes though for the suggestions).

P.S :
This is my second post for this week (yes I did it).


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