Ah… I am back again

In Uncategorized on January 15, 2010 by Vikas

Ever since the start of this blog last August and some over enthusiastic blog post there has been not much seismic activity over here (actually nothing). So I sort of wondered what was the problem that led to this ghastly state of affairs(you can only wonder by this the amount of free time I have). Was it that none of us were interested in anything to write about or was it that any of us three were too busy doing nothing. But the real problem lied deep down in the fact that we always kept looking upon the other person in the group to write something which as we know never happened.
So as of today following my disclosure to Sukrit (I don’t think he remembers it) in class I wish to maintain a healthy rate of at least two posts a week from now on. As of Sukrit and Vikrant I just wish that they may also rejoin since it would be much better (otherwise who will read a blog written by only me)
I am counting this as one for this week.
There would be a new post soon.


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