Independence Day

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First of all wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day.

It is that day of the year where we Indians suddenly develop a zealous love for the country only to be extinguished in a matter of days. It is sad that most Indians care very little about their country today. We all revel in the work Of  “western revolutionaries “- everyone knows about the Kennedys, Churchills etc. but very few have any idea about Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar lal Nehru and others.

We prefer to read the mighty Shakespeare but it is unfaishonable to read Nehru’s Discovery Of India. It is for this reason i attach a short documentary on the life of Mahatma Gandhi or “Bapu” as we lovingly refer to him .I hope this inspires some us (myself included) to care for our country and respect the sacrifices of the founding fathers ; to whom we owe our present comfort.



One Response to “Independence Day”

  1. was jus browing thru ur pages…i think i disagree wid this one…i have read “hind swaraj”…n luvdd it ….n believ me many indian youngsters(althoug a rarity but still a signifcnt section) find the nehrus aand mahatmas equaly intrsting as d churchils,and shakesprz….

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